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NCI Research Portfolio: Driving Cancer Discoveries

NCI enables advances in cancer by investing in a broad portfolio of research, supporting the cancer research workforce, and sustaining the infrastructure that enables cutting-edge research to succeed.

Supporting high-impact cancer research

NCI funds the most promising research in established areas of science and seizes opportunities in emerging areas of science. NCI-supported research is underway in all 50 states, Washington, DC, and beyond.

Investing across the cancer continuum

NCI’s overarching strategy focuses on supporting a broad portfolio of research, tackling the problem of cancer from many angles. Basic, translational, population science, and clinical research are essential to improve cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

Female Scientist in Lab

Highlighted Scientific Opportunities

NCI continually pursues new and emerging scientific opportunities that, with further investment, would catalyze additional progress in cancer research. Read about four areas of opportunity highlighted in the Fiscal Year 2024 Annual Plan and Budget Proposal: multi-cancer detectioncell therapy to treat cancerpersistent poverty and cancer, and undruggable cancer targets.

Strengthening the cancer research enterprise

NCI has built and supported an infrastructure—consisting of people working in science and the places at which they work—that has become known as the cancer research enterprise. NCI’s investments in the cancer research workforce and in world-class facilities and resources include the following: