Chemotherapy Side Effects Series

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Chemotherapy Side Effect Series has practical steps and advice to help you manage eighteen (18) different side effects from chemotherapy, so you feel better during treatment:

  • Anemia (PDF)
  • Appetite changes (PDF)
  • Bleeding problems (PDF)
  • Constipation (PDF)
  • Diarrhea (PDF)
  • Fatigue (PDF)
  • Hair loss (PDF)
  • Infection (PDF)
  • Memory changes (PDF)
  • Mouth and throat changes (PDF)
  • Nausea and vomiting (PDF)
  • Nerve changes (PDF)
  • Pain (PDF)
  • Sexual and fertility changes in men (PDF)
  • Sexual and fertility changes in women (PDF)
  • Skin and nail changes (PDF)
  • Swelling (PDF)
  • Urination changes (PDF)

These colorful sheets also include lists of questions to help you talk with your health care provider to learn more. Health conditions that may need urgent medical care are also highlighted. These sheets are designed to strengthen your consultation with your health care provider.

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