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New from NCI: Resources, Tools, and News

, by NCI Staff

In an effort to inform the cancer research community and public about new NCI resources, this blog will regularly feature tools, videos, and other materials recently posted on NCI websites, including

Some recent additions include a new catalog of widely used data sets from NCI-supported studies and programs, several videos featuring NCI researchers, and an important NCI budget document known as the Congressional Justification.

Resources and Tools for the Cancer Community

The newly launched NCI Data Catalog provides one-stop shopping for widely used data sets and results from major NCI-supported studies and programs.

NCI’s broad array of patient education booklets are now available in one collection. The booklets can be downloaded to e-reading devices, smartphones, or tablet computers, or opened as a PDF.

An important part of NCI’s annual budget process is the preparation of its Congressional Justification. The institute recently released its Congressional Justification for Fiscal Year 2016.

Each year, NCI also submits a budget proposal directly to the White House for use in formulating the Administration’s fiscal year budget. NCI’s Annual Plan and Budget Proposal features areas of high priority that, NCI Director Harold Varmus, M.D., explained, represent a “remarkable opportunity” to reduce cancer’s burden.

And NCI’s 250 Years of Advances Against Cancer—a timeline of important achievements in cancer research—is now available in an interactive format.

Videos and Webinars

Spotlight on Scientists provides an opportunity to hear from cancer researchers about what led them to a career in science. These recent videos feature researchers from NCI’s Center for Cancer Research.

In another new video, Aimee Kreimer, Ph.D., of NCI’s Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, discusses her research on the HPV vaccine.

Prevalence and Policy: An Update on Electronic Cigarettes and Cancer Control is a recording of the January 20 webinar, from NCI’s Research to Reality program, on the emergence of electronic cigarettes and the challenges they may present to public health and cancer control practitioners.

New Research from NCI

An NCI study may have implications for patients with a potentially fatal bone marrow disorder called severe aplastic anemia. The study found that a specific molecular feature of donor white blood cells that are given to patients with the disorder during a stem cell transplant appears to influence how long patients live.

And, in the largest study of its kind to date, NCI researchers showed that an image-guided prostate biopsy could identify more men with high-risk disease than standard unguided biopsy, while reducing the detection of low-risk disease.

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